Cloud-based applications generate a lot of data!

Are you an enterprise with multiple cloud-based solutions and struggling with big data analysis?

It means your organization is digitally transformed but unable to manage your performance like KPI’s.

This is where the AIOps comes into the picture. 

It is all about summarizing the huge data sets for decision making. As per Gartner AIOps is “to enhance and partially replace all primary IT operations functions”. This includes the data analysis, correlation between the data, and performance monitoring. 

The ever increasing volume of data from decentralized sources is consumed and analyzed by AIOps platforms. 


The ever-increasing volume of data from decentralized sources is consumed and analyzed by AIOps platforms. 

MarketandMarkets estimates the global AIOps platform market size to grow from USD 2.55 billion in 2018 to USD 11.02 billion by 2023, and according to reports of Digital Enterprise-Journal (DEJ), these platforms are risen by 83% increases since 2018.

The precision detection, and diagnosis of IT problems using AIOps tools has resulted in the shorter outrages of digital services. But many lack to decide on implement it.

If you plan for AIOps strategies, here are some good qualities of its products that assist you during production.

1) Data Selection: Today’s data sources create highly redundant and noisy data. It is necessary to process and filter up to 99%. AIOps tools identify the noise from multiple data sources and clean noise.

2) Pattern discovery: The pattern gives meaning to data. Discovering the pattern is by analyzing the relationships and correlation between the selected data. helps groups the data according to the pattern, providing meaning to the data.

3) Inference: it plays a major role in identifying the root causes using data. Identifying recurring issues and the root cause of the problems allows us to take action. 

4) Collaboration: it helps you to collaborate between operators and teams working in different geolocations and assist in saving the analyzed data accelerates future diagnosis.

5) Automation: it is all about maximum automation to solve the solutions quickly with precision.

The real-world data sources like “networks”, applications, infrastructure, cloud instances, and storage, etc. provide heterogeneous data. Ingesting these data, eliminating noise, duplicates, visualization of analyzed patterns that represent clean data simplifying by automation gives the team more time for innovativeness.

Various criteria like text, time topology that are related to the information are used to group the data. This reduces the alerts that are necessary to reduce the number of tickets created for the team. 

Virtual collaborative tools are widely used to communicate between the team members, the AIOps tools collaborate with these visualization tools to send the required message of the issues that developers need to work on. 

This helps to team to focus on relevant and unique issues that are critical for the product. The quick decisions of major issues help the team to deliver quickly. Since it is integrated into an existing system, it reduces human intervention and increases automation.

How does AIOps benefit human operators?

Its pace in automating daily routine tasks, allows the team to focus on solving critical and unpredictable problems. Tactical activities and strategic oversight provide the user expert advice.

It’s important to keep the digital services working 27/7, with remote working as the new norm, AIOps assists the Ops team to maintain their services.

AIOps has placed NOCs (network operation centers), to remote teams collaborate effectively. AIOps is the assurance of critical service. 

How to integrate AIOps?

AIOps identifies, addresses, and resolves slow-downs and outages faster than manually done. 

1) Achieve faster mean time to resolution (MTTR): 

MTTR is achieved faster than done by a human. The data obtained from multiple sources is cleaned by reducing noise from multiple IT environments, AIOps identified the cause of problems faster and accurately. Eg: AIOps used by NEXTEL Brazil monitors 25,000 network elements, has reduced incident response times from 30 minutes to 5 minutes. 

2) Predictive Management:

The self-learning algorithms of AIOps, can identify and work on urgent alerts over less important alerts. It gets better when the urgent issues are predicted and allows the IT team to handle them before they occur.

3) Modernize your IT operations and team:

IT team handles alerts from multiple sources, but AIOps provides it only related alerts that have crossed threshold levels. This gives the best diagnosis as alerts are resolved faster. It reduces the burden on the IT team by allowing them to work on the most urgent crisis and tasks on greater strategic values.

Use case:

AIOps brings visibility and automation that drives and supports other essential business and IT initiatives.

1) Digital Transformation:

AIOps tackles multiple IT environments of multiple environments, virtualized resources from dynamic infrastructure that AIOps is designed. The AIOps solutions give more freedom and flexibility to transform on strategic business goals as IT operations are handled by AIOps.

2) Cloud adoption and Migration:

Projects working on hybrid cloud environments like multiple cloud vendors or projects working on a private cloud, public cloud have the risk of changing interdependencies that change quickly and frequently. AIOps provide visibility of interdependencies, reduces the operational risk of the hybrid cloud approach.

3) DevOps adoption: 

DevOps gives partial freedom for IT services as they manage the infrastructure, but AIOps provides automation, predictive analysis, and visibility of events without any additional management effort.

Since the pandemic hit the entire globe, the world is heading towards reliable digital services, these services are operated by humans, and it gets difficult for these services to thrive and retain the customer’s trust.

Analyzing the benefits of AIOps in digital business, Orange Business Services announced a partnership with Moogsoft, a pioneer and provider of this. The unique platform created by Moogsoft gives a virtual NOC (Network Operation Center) that allows the collaboration capabilities of multiple platforms on a single point. It enables the IT forces to address issues quickly and efficiently.

To summarize, AIOps is a set of algorithms that are function-specific for certain tasks. These algorithms trigger alerts from noise event streams, correlated between alerts. From preventing disruptions for digital services to accelerating detections and identifying solutions it optimizes revenue generation.

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