Our works

Cloud Native DevOps

Redis Cluster Configuration

A collection of scripts to set up and configurate a redis cluster automatically

CI/CD Realtime

A collection of scripts to build, test and deploy realtime application automatically


Design and create scripts to transform an on-premise system onto GKE (Google Kubernetes Engine).

Mobile app development

We combine sotiphicated back-end components and understandable, user-friendly interface to transfer an easy to use application in both iOS and Android devices. With optimal front-end & back-end for all devices of iOS and Android, DevSamurai Vietnam’s Native Application development service is an ideal solution for the gap in user experience among many version of devices.

Web App

Next gen farming

Visual Team Workspace for Confluence

Project Resources Management & Time Tracking for Jira

Enterprise Solutions

We provide world-class solutions for business agility and digital transformation that help improve quality of works by 50% and cut down cost.

Archetecture & Consulting

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