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IT services consultant

Beside expertising on software & system development outsourcing services, we also provide consulting service for web application, mobile application, enterprise solutions, Cloud platform – devOps. With experts with more than 10 years of experience, we are proud to support many enterprises with the right and most effective IT solutions.

Enterprise software architecture design & solution

A good software architecture is the base of all software projects that is basic and fundamental for smooth communication between all the stakeholders (user-side, customer, management,…) and transferability of the model. Our experts who are certified professionals for software architecture will be the right choice for a strong, logical, high-capacity scalability, long-term and easy-to-refactor enterprise software architecture.

By analyzing all the view from functional view, code view, development view, thread view, to deployment view and user action view,…, we build modern software architecture for good

IT Infrastructure consultancy services

If you are

In your cloud transformation journey

Looking for a solution TO: resolve aging infrastructure, manage complexity, boost agility, improve user experience or increase compliance

DevSamurai Vietnam software development outsourcing company will help you customize your infrastructure to the optimal level of time and cost.

We can

Audit of the IT infrastructure management processes (according to ITIL)

Consult about adopting new technologies and services, designing your hybrid IT environments based on any cloud, especially GCP, third-party, or on-premise combination.

Support your strategy with various technology services.

Support you in transforming, increasing the longevity of and integrating into your existing environment

Define and develop your data center infrastructure strategy and roadmap in your hybrid IT transformation journey.

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Dedicated Team

After clearly defining the scope of project and well understanging client’s requirements, we make a estimated quotation for agreed scope of work. Fixed price contracts once finalized, no changes of scope or any other term and conditions can be requested.

Architect & Consultant

We focus on offering expert consulting for web applications, mobile applications, enterprise solutions, and Cloud platform - devOps. Whether you need advice or assistance in these areas, we've got you covered.

Enterprise Solutions

DevSamurai Vietnam strives to deliver value to small and medium enterprises through business activity automation. We offer various IT solutions, including ERP systems (Enterprise Resource Planning), Blockchain, Data analysis, and AI applications.