Cloud native DevOps

While cloud-native approach agility, adatability, robustness, and easy-to-monitor with the ability to improve failure in real-time, DevOps means the method of automating processes between development and operations that streamlines individual, tools, and systems, contributing to the overall success of the enterprise.





From the point of DevOps Agility, DevSamurai Vietnam helps you customize your DevOps process to the optimal from defining your Platform Strategy, Platform Culture to assessment and audit of existing Infrastructure, Development Environment and Integration. We create DevOps processes that Define your Metrics and Business Priorities, Measure for Success and Tell Story about your products to maximize Agility with Continuous Development Continuous Integration and Action Automations.

Expertise We Offer

DevSamurai Vietnam’s Cloud DevOps Service will transfer your business from Technology Stack to Next-Generation Scalable Design Operations

Define & Design Platform Strategy

DevSamurai Vietnam supports you to choose the right Platform Culture and Cloud platform from the lists of Google Cloud, AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Privte Cloud, design logical Cloud-native architecture, cost-effective Cloud DevOps strategy and build prototypes for your continuous experimentation and experience deliver DevOps.

Continuous Delivery and Microservices

DevSamurai Vietnam provides you the service for effective Continuous Delivery Pipeline with Infrastructure Automation, Monitoring, DevOps Security and Intelligence on Kubernetes, Openstack, Ceph, Junit, Ansible, Docker,… Moreover, customize your existing process from Company culture, architecture, product roadmap and tools and build cost-effective, scalable, adaptive processes.

Intergrate existing application

Intergrate available applications and data, database into Cloud (Cloud integration), implement necessary API or plugin for standard DevOps process, support Agility-Driven transformation from On-premise server to Cloud Server.

Provide licensing Cloud platform, Cloud server, Data warehouse,…

For DevOps tools such as Google Cloud DevOps, Goole Cloud tools, Atlassian DevOps, Jira DevOps, Jira DevOps integration, Azure DevOps, AWS DevOps, Lean DevOps,…

Develop application in Cloud-Native Platform

Our Cloud-Native DevOps experts will help you to develop Customer-centric customizable application in Continuous Delivery DevOps Platform.

Intelligence for DevOps

DevSamurai Vietnam helps to automate DevOps and development processes by applying Machine Learning, Deep Learning into DevOps process.

Our technologies




Travis CI

Gitlab CI/CD

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Dedicated Team

After clearly defining the scope of project and well understanging client’s requirements, we make a estimated quotation for agreed scope of work. Fixed price contracts once finalized, no changes of scope or any other term and conditions can be requested.

Architect & Consultant

We focus on offering expert consulting for web applications, mobile applications, enterprise solutions, and Cloud platform - devOps. Whether you need advice or assistance in these areas, we've got you covered.

Enterprise Solutions

DevSamurai Vietnam strives to deliver value to small and medium enterprises through business activity automation. We offer various IT solutions, including ERP systems (Enterprise Resource Planning), Blockchain, Data analysis, and AI applications.