Many project managers do it the hard way!

Resources, timeline, unclear goals, standups, meetings, stories, quality checks, risk, and retrospectives are usual terms used by project managers.

The success of the project depends on the planning and implementation of projects.

Who does not what to deliver a successful project? All of us want success stories, but handling and managing projects is not a cakewalk.

Project management techniques are already in place but require manual intervention. Imagine an automated process for communication, quality checks, identifying bottlenecks, reporting to boost your projects.

An Atlassian survey shows our excitement and nervousness about AI and its benefits. Most organizations are using AI for their project management tasks, and many are actively learning to implement AI for their business.

Can we create a difference in our business after using AI? How does AI assist in our business?

  1. Administrative tasks of project managers like monitoring check-ins, emails, status updates, scheduling meetings, and activity reminders consume 54% of the working time of the working day.  
  2. Whereas, project managers using AI have increased their performance by 20%.

To get a better understanding of AI let DevSamurai Vietnam give you a general view of the various ways of using AI in project management.

AI for Project Management:

1)   Enhance Decision making: 

The skill of right decision making comes through experience. As project managers, you need to decide on each idea and tasks of your team and project. Utilization of visualization tools assist in decision making, but AI could make it easier for you. 

AI analysis a large set of data and enables you to visualize it effectively. It gives insights on the best decision for efficient delivery. With an overall analysis of your data, it powers you with creative ideas and provides recommendation during the decision making process. AI’s Meaningful advice is the result of improved data suitability and quality created from your raw data.

2)   Offloads repetitive task: 

Scanning your emails is the first and last task on any working day, especially if your team is not in the same location.   

Automating repetitive administrative tasks like scheduling meetings, emails, notifying project deadlines, or updating the everyday team progress to AI solutions enables you to work on innovation and improvements for your existing or upcoming projects.

3)   Eliminates human error: 

Mangers experience emotional bondages while managing people. Behavioral patterns and emotional connections lead to human errors. As humans, we have individual filters and perspectives, that can lead to human errors. A team comprises of different personas, it is not easy to predict the future of the project. 

Many times risk management techniques fail as it does not consider human errors.

AI assists project managers in different ways. From composing the team to assigning the roles and responsibilities, managing their deadlines, and providing alternate solutions during a crisis, AI creates the right environment for team collaboration and reduces human errors.

4)   Maintains schedules/ budgets:

Only 30% of projects get delivered on time, which means the planning and scheduling phase of projects is critical in Agile techniques. A delay in project completion equals more cost. Sometimes cost recalculation, reconsideration of features, and time is another option to complete the projects.

AI-based predictive tools provide you the analysis of resources and tools needed to complete the project accurately. By assigning limited resources for unique projects, the predictive models obtain the patterns for accurate task planning.

Predictive models also help in time management, talent coordination, and priority control of tasks.

5)   AI-powered chatbots: 

It’s a trend to use AI-chatbots as an assistant for project managers. Chatbots work on natural language processing that maps words and answers them appropriately. If you are working on Agile principles, it is good to take advantage of a chatbot to relate concepts, ideas, and knowledge.

Chatbots assign tasks, update status, identifies the deadlock, warns of the delay and deadlines. It helps the Agile teams for task selection, setting up the priority, recording delay, task updates, and creating reports for sprints and retrospective meets. 

6)   Help with complex analysis:

Risk management is a part of every sector, from IT companies, banks, and commercial organizations adopt risk management techniques according to their necessities. 

Trained and experienced project managers tackle the known risk like compliance, operational, legal, and regulatory using their company’s established models. But AI identifies the new challenges are a risk in recently obtained data in an unbiased way. 

AI is a game-changer for risk management. Creating Machine Learning models, removing noise from unstructured data to using risk management models is not easy. AI solution identifies and tackle risks like internal risk, security risk, compliance risk, fraud detection easily.

7)   Assist in critical decisions-making:

A successful project manager is defined by his decision-making skills. During risky and critical situations decision-making skills matter a lot.

The impact of the decision is noticed in the outcome of the project and team. In the worst case, team performance and persistence may not be considered during critical decision making. 

Most of us consider ourselves as the best decision-makers based on our history, but there are logical and known biased factors that we assume during the critical decision-making process. 

Taking a decision is easy when backed with data like time, tasks, cost, features, and resources, but forecasting and predictions are very difficult. 

AI provides in-depth data analysis during critical situations, it’s forecasting models gain you insights into data and their patterns.


Sifting your business to AI-models and AI solution are essential as an assistant. It will not just reduce your burden but also improves team performance.

Helping project managers in the mundane task, scheduling, reporting, and assisting in decision-making factors, AI-solutions are delivering impeccable results in managing projects. Various sectors using AI are seeing great results and progress in their projects.

Overall it helps project managers to enhance their managing skills.

AI market provides exciting solutions, and before you pick a solution for your business, it’s good to research for the best fit AI solution.